299 Steps: My morning in Munich, Germany

On Friday, July 1st, I woke up, around 6am, feeling refreshed and ready for some sightseeing!


The thing is…

Nothing really opens before 9am. I had no desire to sit in my hostel soΒ I wandered downΒ Neuhauser Straße again…

Just check out this difference!

When everyone is awake…


When everyone is still sleeping…



Neues Rathaus


Even though there weren’t that many people, there were a lot of delivery trucks! And they either wanted to 1.) run me over or 2.) park right in front of the things I wanted to take pictures of πŸ˜‰



Old Town Hall




After circling the blocks a few times and a bit of reading, the cafe I wanted to go to was finally open!


Cafe Frischhut


This cafe has the best donuts I have ever had! My beau, Tyler, is obsessed with donuts. In fact, it is his favorite dessert. So as his girlfriend I have tried A LOT of donuts, therefore, I feel very qualified to make this distinction πŸ˜‰



Alrighty, I gave myself about an hour to eat/drink at Cafe Frischhut. It took a whopping 20 mins. So I had some more time to kill before St. Peter’s Church opened. Cue more wandering.



St. Peter’s Church


Guys.Β 299Β steps is no joke. I started the first flight like,


“Yeah I got this”




“OK, maybe I’m not in the best shape…”








“I’m going to die, I’m dying, I’m going to die climbing these steps”


Ok. So I was a little dramatic. But seriously. I was SO out of breath. Especially, when I saw the view…




After catching my breath, I made my way back down and headed to the market.


Victuals Market



At the market I bought a few things for the train ride to Salzburg!



I loved everything about Munich, but I definitely think it is a city to be enjoyed with friends! To wander, sit, eat, and obviously drink beer πŸ™‚



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette





Article Name
299 Steps: My morning in Munich, Germany
Morning spent exploring Neues Rathaus, Old Town Hall, St. Peter's Church, and Victuals Market.

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