8 miles On No Sleep: Munich, Germany

It is the start of my 5th day in Europe and I am still trying to find the balance between….






“I’m tired”


Day One in Europe was probably my exhausting day. I arrived bright and early Friday, July 1st. Obviously, I didn’t sleep at all during my 8+ hours of traveling. I did watch some great movies πŸ˜‰ Β *Highly recommend Zootopia!* Β Even though I was SUPER tired, I kicked butt and found my way to my hostel without any problems! Win!


Like most hotels/motels/etc. hostels also have check-in times. The check-in time for Wombat’s Hostel was 2 pm. I arrived at about 8 am. That meant about 6 more hours until I could lay down and sleep.




Thank goodness I was able to shower. Feeling so fresh, and so clean, clean πŸ˜‰ Β  I sat down in the lobby, figuring I would rest/edit for a bit. Then I looked at the weather. THEY WERE CALLING FOR RAIN ALL AFTERNOON. Oh my. With only so many hours in Munich I couldn’t waste any time, especially if it was going to rain.


So off I went…


Neuhauser Straße



Walking towardsΒ Englischer Garten



Englischer Garten and Eisbachwelle


I found my favorite animal! BABY FREAKING DUCKS!



Walking towards Victuals Market


All the sudden the sun came out!



Lunch at Bratwurstherzl


This was my first meal since my airplane dinner, lets just say I WAS STARVING. I got the mixed meat platter, which came with cold potato salad. NOMZ. The grilled pork was my favorite!



Walking back to Wombat’s Hostel




I would have loved to keep exploring, wandering the BEAUTIFUL and unique streets, but my body just couldn’t function any longer πŸ™




I got back to the hostel, got my room key, took another shower, andΒ passed out.


Keep posted for more photos and crazy antics from by Europe 2016 trip!!



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette







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8 miles On No Sleep: Munich, Germany
Exploring Munich, Germany by foot.

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