A UFO in a City: 24 hours in Bratislava, Slovakia

It may be almost an entire year since I was in Bratislava, BUT, I still remember how much I LOVED this adorable town. I arrived by train from Brno, Czech Republic, another adorable hidden gem, around 8 pm. Obviously me being me, I decided to forgo the taxi and walk to my hostel, thinking “It’s just a mile”, but…

1 mile + hot weather + heavy backpack = tired and grumpy Arianna

I got to my hostel, Hostel Folks, checked in, took a shower, and fell asleep ASAP as 1.) I was tired and 2.) I had an early morning planned the next day.


Early Morning


The best thing about waking up early…





Not much was open for breakfast, so I ended up at a cafe called Mondieu. Breakfast was eh. Hence the lack of photos.


Bratislava Castle


The sun came out, and it was time to hike up the hill to Bratislava Castle!




I just LOVE the clean, crisp, lines..



Walking through town


Then I head back down the hill to explore all the other sights within the city!







Just. too. cute.



Some of the most photographed attractions of Bratislava are its human-like statues all over Old Town. They were so random and I LOVED IT. But so did everyone else…. so getting a picture without a million people in it was quite the challenge.




Guys. There is a blue church. It was a little bit away from the city center, but I just HAD TO SEE IT.





For lunch, I happened across La Cocotte. It was empty, but the decor 100% captured my interest.



I mean it wasn’t the BEST FOOD I’VE EVER HAD, but the lemonade was damn delicious, the food was pretty good, there was AC, and the place was SO FREAKING CUTE. Also, I had like 2-3 lemonades and lunch for $15, so I’m not mad about that πŸ˜‰



More walking…


I walked a little through town and then crossed the Danube in order to make my way towards UFO.



Bratislava UFO


The ticket to ride the elevator to the top was about $9 USD, and it was totally worth it!

This is what is looks like from below:



This is the view from the viewing deck 95 m high:






Ok, so I wanted to watch the sunset behind the Bratislava Castle, but I had some MAJOR time to kill. So I decided to treat my self to a nice dinner on the Danube. Au Cafe, was right by UFO and had a great view of the castle.



The food wasn’t worth the price, but the view sure was!




I had been looking forward to this moment ALLLLLLLLL day and it didn’t disappoint!



After the sunset, I crossed the Most SNP bridge under the UFO and headed back to the hostel.

You can say I was a wee-bit exhausted.




I had to catch a morning train to Budapest so I grabbed breakfast at a cafe by my hostel called Urban Space. Again, another cafe with great decor. The food was pretty legit as well.




Hopefully, Bratislava is now on your “Must See” list if it wasn’t already!

You don’t need a lot of time but the historic town is definitely worth the visit!



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette





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A UFO in a City: 24 hours in Bratislava, Slovakia
24 hours exploring the beautiful city of Bratislava, Slovakia.