Artisanal Empanadas, Juanitos Empanadas, São Paulo


What is more important than family?

Having a big (and international) family, makes the world seem so much smaller, because everywhere you go, someone is related to you 🙂

For example, while in São Paulo Dad said,

“We are going to your cousin’s empanada place”

I was like,

“Um, what?”

Believe or not I have a cousin (My Dad’s cousin’s son), Brendon, who with his business partner, opened up a pretty sweet empanada joint in São Paulo, Juanito’s Empanadas. The restaurant is on the smaller side with about 20-30 seats, but…

Don’t be fooled by the tiny space, there is SO much flavor coming out of the kitchen!

Everything is homemade and oh so delicious 🙂 Brendon was oozing with pride and excitement and it showed in the space and the food.

My personal favorite was #3, the “Queijo e Cebola” empanada. I am a HUGE fan of the sweet and salty combo, so this definitely made me smile. Flaky crust, gooey cheese, and sweet sautéed onions, what more could a girl ask for? After eating the first one, I was ready for 5 more, but after empanada number two I realized how satisfying these pockets of ooey-gooey goodness were.

If only Juanito’s was in Baltimore 😉

Want something unique, homemade, and delicious? Head to Juanitos!

Check out their Facebook page!



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette

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