Blissfully Beautiful: My Morning in Salzburg to Dinner in Vienna, Austria

July 7th 2016


Somehow, even after 3 days of avid exploration, there were still things I needed to see in Salzburg! But first…

Coffee 😉



Cafe Fingerlos was a having a special where ANY coffee ordered before 10 am was only 2 euros! Yay! After editing and getting a post up I set off to explore the East side of Salzach River.


Walking towards Kapuzinerkloster



At Kapuzinerkloster I happened across an art class…



Walking towards Schloß Mirabell



Schloß Mirabelle



I took my time strolling the beautiful gardens, and ended my time in Salzburg eating a bosna and reading in the park. Before I knew it, it was time for my train to VIENNA. 

One I arrived in Vienna the walk to the hostel was quick and easy, but figuring out how to get in to the hostel not so much. They gave great instructions and everything was clear as day, I just seemed to forget how to use a key…

Anyway, after about 10 minutes I finally opened the door and got to see my awesome new home for the next few nights!


My MOjO Vie Hostel



How CUTE!?!?


Eventually, I was hungry, surprise surprise 😉  , so I headed to Glacis Beisl, which had great reviews online!


Glacis Beisl



Not only was the atmosphere unique and inviting, the food was excellent. Cleary I’ve been eating every chanterelle in my path 😉



I think the delicious Chanterelle Goulash is a sign of good things to come!!!



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette






Article Name
Blissfully Beautiful: Morning in Salzburg to Dinner in Vienna, Austria
Explored the East side of Salzach River in Salzburg and ended the day with dinner in Vienna.