Chasing Fish: Cham Island Snorkeling, Hoi An, Vietnam

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


When I went to sign up for a snorkeling tour I realized that I hadn’t been snorkeling in almost 4 years!!! In 2011, I spent almost 3 months snorkeling everyday as part of my study abroad program in South Caicos, and since then….nothing!

My tour was with Cham Island Diving, and included pick-up from hotel, snorkel gear, water/coffee/tea, and lunch.


The boat pier:




The ride was pretty long to the first stop, I think longer than an hour, so I was anxious to get in the water. Perhaps I have been spoiled in my life, but when snorkeling I expect crystal clear water, the water was definitely not crystal clear. My rusty skills and poor visibility made for some “Eh” photos….



I mentioned this on Facebook but I did see a sea krait!

From National Geographic:



What I saw:


Cham Island Diving


I also saw Gil from Finding Nemo 🙂

Gil (The one in front that is black, white, and yellow)




What I saw:


Cham Island Diving


After two snorkel spots we headed to a beach for lunch! Totally forgot to get a photo, I was SO HUNGRY. We then had an hour to rest. I could feel my back burning, so I stuck to the shade in a comfty hammock. Why was my back burning? First, YES I DID APPLY SUNSCREEN, Second, finding sunscreen in Vietnam is SUPER hard. The sunscreen I was able to find apparently wasn’t water-proof/resistant so….

bad sunscreen + water + sun reflection on surface + white skin = LOBSTER

hence, the burning back.




The ride back was “longer”, but that was probably because there was nothing to look forward to 🙁 At one point the captain made us all stand in the front of the boat, because it was low-tide and the propellers were hitting the bottom. Quite the comical moment 🙂


Cham Island Diving



Back on land I headed straight to Old Town for dinner at the Mermaid Restaurant.



Hoi An

Ahhh sunset…




Of course I ordered more “fairytale dumplings”


Hoi An


and BANANA FLOWER SALAD. Since being in Vietnam I have become OBSESSED with this salad! The salad is a mixture of the crunchy blossom, fresh herbs, peanuts, and a sour-sweet dressing. Green Kitchen Stories describes the recipe they learned in a cooking class with some GREAT PHOTOS, check it out!

This is a banana blossom/flower:



This is the epic salad:






Getting back to the hotel, I applied layer after layer of aloe and lotion to my lobster skin, and feel asleep dreaming of all the fish I saw 🙂




Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette





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Chasing Fish: Cham Island Snorkeling, Hoi An, Vietnam
The snorkeling experience with Cham Island Diving.

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