Colorful Flavors and Photography: Old Town Hoi An, Vietnam

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Sometimes you just need to eat and take pictures…


Lunch: Cau Lao


Cau Lao is a  dish made with noodles, pork, and local greens, that is only found in Hoi An. The noodles are SUPER important. The pictures below are from Stall #34 in the Food Hall , where the noodles were soft and amazing (reminded me of soba noodles). BUT later in the day I had the same dish and the noodles were chewy and gross. There is such thing as BAD CAU LAO, not all restaurants are created equal.






Hoi An



Old Town Hoi An



My favorite shot…
Hoi An



Snack: Banh Beo


This little bite sized treats are steamed rice cakes/pancakes decorated with dried shrimp, scallions, peanuts, mung bean paste and crispy shallots.


I stopped at 2, but I easily could have sat on that little red stool all night eating one after another.



Hoi An


Look at this sweetheart 🙂


Hoi An


Hoi An


Dinner: Banh Bao Banh Vac “White Rose”


Funnelogy Channel (where I got some great tips!) has a great description (below) and some awesome photos! Make sure to check them out!,

“Ah, the White Rose. An elegant name for an elegant dumpling. Somehow this signature dish from Hoi An manages to be delicate and chewy at the same time. Legend has it that the French named them for their flower petal resemblance and that only one family in Hoi An keeps the precious secret recipe. The translucent rice flour wrapping is said to be made from rice that has been grinded and filtered by local well water 15 to 20 times, rolled out so thin and clear that you can see every fresh baby shrimp and mushroom stuffed inside it. Add spiced pork and onions to the mix and serve with crispy deep-fried garlic chips. Fairytale dumplings anyone?”

I would agree.

Fairytale dumplings 🙂


Hoi An


I didn’t just eat dumplings for dinner, but I didn’t think the Cau Lao was worth documenting. Like I said, not all Cau Lao’s are created equal.


I am truly loving Vietnamese food, and especially all the local food in Hoi An!




Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette



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Colorful Flavors and Photography: Old Town Hoi An, Vietnam
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