History in the Making: Athens, Greece

Holy smokes it has been 5 MONTHS since my  last post


Since then, I have….

  • Finished two lab rotations
  • PASSED 6 graduate classes
  • Celebrated various holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, My birthday, etc.)
  • Oh, and had my computer stolen 🙁


I am EXTREMELY lucky that I had all of my raw photos saved on a hard drive BUT I did lose the 1000+ edited versions. With a defeated attitude and a busy schedule I avoided photo editing like the plague. But for the past three months I have been slowly working on my photos, I guess you could say….new year, new me 😉


So here are my photos from my brief but AMAZING time in Athens, Greece, ENJOY!

Athens, Greece:


Walking towards Acropolis…



The Parthenon


Athens, Greece



All that walking, made me pretty thirsty.


Athens, Greece



Stoa of Attalos




Athens, Greece


When we Greece we eat Greek Salad, right!?!



Oh and I found some ADORABLE cats 😉




The next day we headed to the Archaeological Museum of Athens, but first, food!


Athens, Greece


Statues, statues, and more statues…



That ass…


Athens, Greece



Temple of Olympian Zeus




Then we ended out last evening in Athens with an excellent dinner at the hotel!



Oh remember that economic crisis and referendum voting!? We were right in the middle of it!




So glad I got to explore this beautiful and historic city!




Love always,

Arianna the Wandering Pipette








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History in the Making: Athens, Greece
Exploring historic Athens, Greece.

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