History Preserved: The Historic Center of Vienna, Austria

July 5, 2016



The best part about traveling alone is deciding WHAT, WHEN, and HOW you want to do things. Well, since the ENTIRE city center is a Unesco World Heritage Site I decided I NEEDED to see everything, well mostly everything 😉

The map below is from Google and it labels all the sites of interest within the city center.





Even with this INSANE plan, my first stop wasn’t even in the city center. I decided to head east of the city center to…


The Hundertwasserhaus



This is an apartment building that was built based on a collaboration between Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and architect Joseph Krawina. I know this is on (almost) EVERYONE’s “must see” list, buttttttt, I wasn’t a fan. The building is cool, but, personally, it is not impressive enough (at least compared to EVERYTHING else in the city) for the added effort of getting there.


Once I snapped a few photos I headed straight for the historic center to have breakfast at,


Kleine’s Cafe




Of all the Cafés I had been to in Vienna (this was #4), this was the most authentic. I sat at a table, ordered an excellent coffee and omelet, and I read a book. I wasn’t rushed, I wasn’t thinking about all the things on my “To Do” list, I was just sitting in a coffee shop, drinking, eating, and reading, with an absolute sense of ease and peace.


Kleine’s Café is located in….





which is a short walk from…


St. Stephen’s Cathedral



The inside was stunning, but dark churches are not the easiest things to take pictures of 😉




After exploring St. Stephen’s Cathedral and exploring Stephanplatz I started walking towards the next café on my list Café Central.


Walking towards Café Central



Café Central




Since I had just had coffee I went with the “Kaiser Spritzer”. It was JUST want I needed. Light, refreshing, and just the right amount of sweetness 🙂 Feeling refreshed I headed back out!






Obviously it was time for another coffee stop!


Café Griensteidl




At this point I was a little hungry and I just couldn’t resist a cheese plate 😉 The cheese and coffee perked me up a bit, but I was starting to fade. I only had a few more places on my list…





So I may not have hit ALL the sights, but I think I did pretty good 😉





Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette







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History Preserved: The Historic Centre of Vienna, Austria
Exploring the history rich city center of Vienna, Austria.