I’m blue DA BA DE DA BA DI: Santorini, Greece

The Eiffel 65 song, “Blue”, played in my head the WHOLE TIME I was editing my Santorini photos and I think you will understand why by the end of this post 😉


First of all, our house. Dad really killed it when he picked out this place. Villa Dakoronia in Fira, Santorini, is GORGEOUS. I mean supermodel GORGEOUS.

Hey girl hey….






Santorini is NOT a big island but all the sights pack a big PUNCH 🙂 In our short trip we managed to hit all the main sites!



July 10th


We got to the island in time for dinner! So we walked into town (Fira) for dinner at Pelican Kipos. This was another “I’M TOO HUNGRY TO TAKE PHOTOS” situation, but the food and atmosphere was awesome! Since there were 6 of us (we met up with friends in Santorini) we ordered a bunch of small plates and shared. My favorite way to eat 😉





Walking home I got some night shots of Fira…





July 11th


After breakfast…




We hoped on a bus and headed towards Kamari, where we then got a van that would take us up Messavouno mountain to the Ancient Thera archaeological site. Since we were so high up (360 m, almost 4 football fields) the wind was CRAZY, but the views were breathtaking.








After almost getting blown away, we headed back down to spend some time on the beach!




And eat of course 😉



Surprise, surprise…we ordered greek salad and grilled octopus (and other seafood items).


We couldn’t spend all afternoon on the beach because Dad had arrange for us to go SAILING AROUND THE ISLAND!!!!




We anchored near White Beach to go swimming, and the water was amazing! It was so salty you didn’t even need to tread water to stay afloat!



Back to sailing…


We then anchored at Nea Kameni, a volcanic island, for dinner…


Now, look at this picture and see if you can see the hidden animal (it took me a while!)…



Back to sailing…



Now for the best part, THE SUNSET!




That evening, while walking back to our place, I captured one of my favorite shots of the trip!




July 12th


Fira in the morning…I just couldn’t get enough of this view!



If the sailing wasn’t fun enough, we got to spend the next day on ATVs!!! So. Much. Fun. They are also a great way to see the island!



First Stop: Megalochori








Nest Stop: Akrotiri



In Akrotiri there is a large Minoan Bronze Age settlement that was destroyed in the Theran eruption around 1627 BC. The settlement was buried in volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of fine Frescoes and many objects and artworks. History buffs, you will love it!


I don’t have any pictures of the archaeological site, but I do have pictures from LUNCH at Taverna Glaros. By far one of my best meals in Greece! They don’t have a website and they are on an unnamed road, but YOU NEED TO FIND THIS RESTAURANT. Here is a map/image from Google to help 😉





You know the food is fresh when you can see the ocean where the seafood came from and the farm where the produce came from!




Last Stop: Faros Akrotiri


A light house at an altitude of 58 meters (Dad refused to get near the edge 😉 ).



Riding back from the light house…


Are you smiling!?! 😜 #4wheeling #ATV #santorini #greece #littlebrother #smile #ALFwanders

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I don’t think Felipe was a huge fan of me using my phone while driving 😉




For dinner I REALLY wanted to go to Oia to see the sunset. Well, so did everyone else on the island. We found a restaurant, with decent views and decent food, but I am not sure the trip to Oia is worth all the hassle, especially since Fira is so beautiful.







Do you now understand why I was singing “Blue”?!?


Santorini is unbelievably beautiful! Since the island is so small you just need a few days to explore the beautiful “blue” island 🙂 Make sure to add Santorini to your Travel Bucket List!




Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette









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