I’m Walking Here: Day One in Stunning Vienna, Austria

July 5, 2016

One of my goals while in Vienna was to visit as many Viennese coffee houses as possible so I made a small list:

  • Café Ritter
  • Café Sperl
  • Café Schwarzenberg
  • Café Griensteidl
  • Café Central
  • Kleines Café


Café Ritter and Sperl were first on the “To Do” List for Day One in Vienna!


Café Ritter



Café Sperl


Funny story…

I REALLLLLLYYYY wanted iced coffee. I wanted iced coffee with a BURING FIREY PASSION. So imagine my excitement when I saw,


on the menu. Obviously I ordered it 🙂

and guess what I got…




I could have sent it back, buttttttt, I was hot, and it did look so delicious, so I ate it 😉



I was pretty full at this point so I decided to walk it off at Naschmarkt




Great market and so many great little lunch spots, too bad I was s0 full from all that coffee and ice cream…

Next stop was Belvederegarten! On the way I passed by Karlskirche…






I also passed by…


Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee

Soviet War Memorial






Then I wandered through the University of Vienna Botanical Garden….my happy place 🙂



Butttttt way more greenery than pretty flowers 😉


At this point I am STARVING so I sprinted to my planned lunch spot,


Salm Bräu



I was wary of the beer cabbage, but guys. I LICKED THAT BOWL CLEAN.

so. freaking. good.



At this point I am prrreetttyyyyy tired, I mean LOOK AT ALL THAT WALKING  ⬆️


But there was still daylight and things to see so off I went! More coffee!


Café Schwarzenberg



At this point I check everything off of my Day One “To Do” List, so, decisions, decisions…..

  1. Go home and rest
  2. Go to Schönbrunn Palace


I bet you know which decision I made 😉


Schönbrunn Palace




STUNNING. You could easily spend ALL DAY here!


I walked 13 miles. WHHHHAAAAATTTTT.


Laying in my bed never felt so good 😉




Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette






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