Mendel’s Home: 24 Hours-ish in the Brno, Czech Republic

Have you heard of Brno, Czech Republic?


Well, then clearly you aren’t a genetics nerd 😉 Brno is the home to the abbey where GREGOR MENDEL performed his historical genetic experiments!

So obviously I had to visit 🙂


Brno, Czech Republic

After taking the train from Vienna, and checking into my hotel, I was hungry and on a mission to get to the Mendel Museum. Luckily, Restaurant Špalíček was on the way.


Restaurant Špalíček



Not really sure what I ordered… but I think it is a variation of “Svíčková na smetaně” aka beef sirloin in cream sauce. Whatever is was, it was delicious, and with the wine it cost me less than $10 USD. WIN!


Walking towards the Mendel Museum



Mendel Museum


YAY! I made it! I WAS SO EXCITED. At the ticket desk I was like,

Ticket for one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the ticket man was like,

Ummmm, we are actually closed due to technical issues



They had a “temporary exhibit” set up, but, i’m not going to lie, it wasn’t good. The staff were so nice and friendly, but man was I SO UPSET.


As disappointed as I was, I bought myself a mug and an iced coffee. Well. What I thought was going to be an iced coffee….

It was more like a coffee/ice/slushy/not sure concoction…

Will I EVER find an iced coffee in Europe?!?!?!


Next stop: Špilberk Castle

Just need to walk up a giant hill. NBD.



So the castle is actually a SUPER RANDOM museum of history and art. If you have time to kill and love museums, CHECK IT OUT, especially since it costs less than $4 USD, but otherwise skip the museum and just wander the castle grounds enjoying the stunning views of Brno.


By the time I walked back down the hill and made it to my hostel (4th building from the left) I decided it was time for dinner. Good thing I didn’t have to walk far since the restaurant was next door (3rd building from the left).



JAKOBY Restaurant


I asked the waitress what she recommended and she suggested “Domácí špecle s Bergkässe a restovanou cibulkou, zelený salát” AKA CHEESY AMAZING SPÄTZLE.



This, which came with a small salad, and a generous glass of red wine cost me about $11 USD. So not only did it taste so good that my mouth is currently salivating as I type this, but it was SUCH A GOOD DEAL.


After a good night’s rest it was time to tackle the rest of my Brno “To Do List”


Wandering through Brno…



So I am going to make a confession. At this point I am thirsty and a little bit tired, and all I really wanted was an iced coffee. So. I went to Starbucks. I COULDN’T RESIST! And, I’m not going to lie, having a REAL iced coffee, whole ice cubes and all, WAS AMAZING.

No regrets.

While enjoying my coffee and editing photos, I was able to capture this adorable couple.



Back to wandering….



Obviously I found a farmers market…



While in the market I saw people at the top of the “Gate of the Old City” (pictured below)”, so I was like,

Why not!?!



Definitely regretted my decision halfway up the 173 stairs, but then I was rewarded with beautiful views of the city!



P.S. Cost about $2.50 USD…


Back to wandering…



At this point my 24 hrs in Brno is coming to an end, so I headed back to the hostel to grab my bags.


Hostel Jacob

Highly recommend!



I had some time to kill between my checkout and my train so I headed to Soul Bistro for a late lunch/early dinner.


Soul Bistro


The strawberry-mint lemonade was TO DIE FOR. I just kept ordering it…

P.S. This meal cost me about $12 USD and that is because I think I had 3-4 lemonades. Also it is CASH ONLY! I didn’t have any cash and they were super nice and let me run to an ATM 😉



1.) It is beautiful is so, so, so, many ways

2.) It is super, and I mean, SUPER, affordable.



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette






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Mendel's Home: 24 Hours-ish in the Brno, Czech Republic
An amazing time in the stunning and affordable Brno, Czech Republic.