More Cheese Please: A Picnic in Berlin, Germany

Not sure if you noticed but we walked A LOT our first day in Berlin. So, when I woke up the next morning I was not too keen on the idea of more walking.

Especially, when my Dad said what we were going to be visiting,





Even though I rather do ANYTHING than go to a museum, I was being a good team player (my step mother LOVES museums), so I put on my walking shoes and off we went.


On the way we saw the beautiful,

Berlin Cathedral



Behind the cathedral were the two museums on our list, Pergamonmuseum and Neues. And guess what?


Then, once we FINALLY got into the museums, most of the exhibits were in STORAGE. Why? Because the construction in and around the museum was causing vibrations that could damage the pieces.




Also, you can take pictures of everything… BUT Nefertiti. So I took a picture of the sign 😉


Berlin, Germany


The entire time we were walking through the museums all I could think about was all the amazing food in my backpack. Yup. That’s right, before heading out we stopped by Galeries Lafayette to stock up on some gourmet bread, butter, cheese, cured meats, and wine, of course 😉 Once we all had our fill of history, it was a beeline to the neatest patch of grass for…




So, so happy.


Berlin, Germany


Our next goal was to find the East Side Gallery.

Did I ever tell you, I love graffiti?!?  🙂



By the time dinner rolled around I had finally digested the excess of bread and cheese that I had consumed at lunch. Since I had consumed enough cheese to last me as least a month, I was craving something fresh. Specifically, MUSHROOMS. Hence, why I ordered a salad with mushrooms and fish with mushrooms 😉 nomnomnom.



I might have been Grumpy Gus about the all the museum time we logged that day, but food always make happy.


Love always,

Arianna the Wandering Pipette





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More Cheese Please: A Picnic in Berlin, Germany
Museums and a picnic in Berlin, Germany.

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