My German GPS: Three beautiful lakes in Austria, Germany

When planning this trip, I knew I wanted to see some of the lakes in the area surrounding Salzburg. There were three lakes I had in mind:

  • Mondsee
  • Wolfgangsee
  • Hallstätter See

It is possible to see all these lake via public transportation, but I felt like I would be spending most of my day on buses/trains rather than sightseeing.

So, I decided to rent a car, and man did I get an AWESOME CAR!



Oh, and it was essentially brand new with only ~1000 km on it 🙂  The GPS is part of the car, but for the LIFE OF ME, I could not figure out how to get her to talk in English. Lets just say the GPS and I did not get along, and I might have gotten turned around a few times…


Mondsee Lake, Town of Mondsee


As you can see, the weather was quite gloomy 🙁



Also, FUN FACT, the church in Mondsee is the church used for the wedding scene in the Sound of Music film.


Wolfgangsee, Town of St. Gilgen


Still gloomy..



I had about ten minutes of SUN and blue skies!



Time for breakfast/lunch…

Wirt am Gries



I had dumplings in a creamy chanterelle sauce. SO GOOD. When I was finished the guy even asked me if I wanted a spoon 😉  But I had already picked out all the yummy chanterelles!

I highly recommend Wirt am Gries! It is family-run and clearly loved by locals as the restaurant was filled to the brim with local residents in their Sunday best 🙂


Hallstätter See, Town of Hallstatt


Ugh. Still so freaking gloomy. I would have killed for blue skies at this point.



Hallstatt was stunning. The pictures don’t do it justice, but I’m talking jaw-dropping, “how does this place exist”, stunning. However, when the town is that freaking gorgeous, AND a World Heritage Site, it is going to be FULL of tourists. So, as pretty as Hallstatt was, I would recommend a quick stop and tour of the town, but spend your time exploring other towns like Mondsee, St. Gilgen, Bad Ischl, etc.

After walking through the entire town of Hallstatt, I realized I was about 3 hours ahead of schedule. Hmmmmmmmm

What to do….

I have a car…

There were two places that were on my B-List, simply because it would have been a long walk/I would need to use public transit, so, since I had a car I decided to check them off my list!


Some views while driving back…



Schloß Hellbrunn


I probably did not do this place justice. Parking was free for the first 30 mins so I rushed through just trying to get a few shots to say “I was there”.



If I had had more time or even more energy I would have loved to really explore this beautiful park!



I mean how many parks have a beautiful Dahlia garden!?!?




Schloß Leopoldskron


Unfortunately, this palace you can only look at from afar since it is a hotel (I think), but it is still pretty! Also, if you walk to the front you can get some great shots of Hohensalzburg Fortress!






I had quite the day, but I don’t think any trip to Austria is complete unless you get to experience the countryside and beautiful lakes!




Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette







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My German GPS: Three beautiful lakes in Austria, Germany
Visiting some Austrian Lakes; Mondsee, Wolfgangsee, Hallstätter see.

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  1. Yes, is a hotel that you have to book at least one year in advance (summer time).

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