Packing for Southeast Asia, Will it all fit?

What to bring?

Let’s start with my first aid kit…

I’ve had this cute little bag since college, mom wanted me to be prepared for all situations πŸ˜‰


The First Aid kit came with basic supplies, but I added several things:


1.) Large syringe for cleaning out my filter water bottle

2.) New Skin

3.) Neosporin

4.) Scissors

5.) Tweezers

6.) Thermometer

7.) Rubber bands

8.) Small Zip Ties

9.) Lots and lots of pills

Now what pills am I bringing?


1.) Acetaminophen

2.) Antihistamine

3.) Ibuprofen

4.) Imodium (Lopermide hydrochloride)

5.) Prescription for Azithromycin. Hopefully, I never need to use this, but I will most likely, at one point, eat something “bad” and will be very thankful that I have this prescription.

This might be me at one point….

6.) Melatonin

Β My Toiletries:


1.) Face sunscreen, will be buying body sunscreen when I get there

2.) Baby tooth brush

3.) Baby tooth paste (will buy more there)

4.) Hand sanitizer

5.) Shampoo (will buy more there)

6.) Conditioner (will buy more there)

7.) Deodorant

8.) Hair-ties

9.) Tiny hair brush



1.) 1 maxi dress

2.) 1 maxi skirt

3.) 1 pair of brown/khaki shorts

4.) 1 pair of hiking, lightweight, pants

5.) 1 pair of athletic shorts

6.) 1 knee length shirt

7.) 4 lightweight tee-shirts

8.) 2 camis

9.) Lightweight long-sleeve shirt

10.) Raincoat

11.) Toms

12.) Keens

Other stuff:

1.) Bathing suits

2.) Microfiber towel

3.) Sarong

All of these things are going into my 35L backpack:

oh and I have a waterproof bag…you never know what adventure might happen πŸ˜‰





Now electronics and what not:

1.) Case Knife utensil set (Thanks mom and tom!)

2.) Small portable charger, for when my phone is on 1% and there is no outlet!

3.) Storage case for my camera’s memory cards

4.) MacBook Air

5.) Passports

6.) Passport photos

7.) Pens (I will be keeping a journal, but you should always travel with pens!)

8.) Waterproof camera

9.) Small tripod (I have another tripod that is in the side pocket of my 35L bag)

10.) Air duster

11.) Cords/Chargers, properly labeled for all my electronics

12.) Camera Remote

13.) Camera lens, 50 mm (To take this photo I was using my kit lens and I also plan on bring Canon EF 24-70mm)

Not pictured… Obviously my camera πŸ™‚ also, I found my outlet adaptor and mini surge protector after I took this shot


This is my life for the 55 day trip…


Are there things missing? perhaps…

But based on my research I will be able to survive with what I am bringing πŸ˜‰

Have you been on a similar trip? What was the most important thing you packed?



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette


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Article Name
Packing for Southeast Asia, Will it all fit?
As I continue getting ready for my backpacking trip to Southeast Asia I share my packing list.

4 thoughts on “Packing for Southeast Asia, Will it all fit?

  1. remember you can’t go inside the plane with knife. Are you checking in the backpack?
    And repellent? The bracelet one works

    • Yes I am checking my blue/green bag (with my knife in it). I also have repellent for both my skin and my clothes πŸ™‚

  2. If you don’t have it in there you might – drops or pills to make water drinkable can’t think what they’re called I have some someplace – and copies of your passports tucked safely somewhere in case lost or stolen also leave copies at home in case you need them faxed or scanned it’s easier to get them replaced with copies. And be careful sweetie – I know you will have an amazing time. Oh and a flashlight!!

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