Secret Falls: My day in Mandalay, Myanmar

Friday, June 19, 2015


Look what I woke up to!?!

This little kitten really made me miss my little ones, Remington and Nelson πŸ™



Anyway, back to my travels…

I had seen on my hostel’s Facebook page that there were some waterfalls near Mandalay, Dee Dote Waterfalls, andΒ there is no way I could resist a trip to the waterfalls πŸ™‚

Now “near” might not be the best description…

It was a 2 hour motorbike ride!



We stopped about halfway there and I met this adorable fellow!


Mandalay, Myanmar


Once we got to the Dee Dote, I was initially underwhelmed, but per usual…..I needed to climb a mountain, and then I saw this….


Mandalay, Myanmar


The scariest thing happened when we were walking to the falls….

Walking along, minding my feet, and…


I kid you not. A freaking bomb went off. My guide explained that the army is stationed nearby and that they often test their artillery.


But oh well…BACK TO THE FALLS!

So amazing!



It took a strenuous and slightly terrifying climb to get to the better falls and better swimming pool, but it was SO worth it. My camera bag also took a PLUNGEΒ but THANK GOODNESS I bought an excellent bag because nothing got ruined πŸ™‚

Here are some shots from my underwater camera πŸ™‚



Smiles all day every day πŸ™‚


Mandalay, Myanmar


Apparently my guide was being sneaking and taking some pictures of me….



After I was thoroughly exhausted from climbing and swimming it was time to head back to the city, so we got back on the bike!

Check out these views!


Mandalay, Myanmar





I told my guide I was starving so we stopped at a local restaurant where I could sample Burmese food. NOMNOM. The restaurant was a buffet and you get to pick a protein and whatever sides you want. I got fried chicken, corn, and soup. We also got fresh veggies, such as green mango and cucumber.



My guide wanted to take me on a scenic route…



Mandalay, Myanmar


We ended up at Mandalay Hill, where I had to climb SO MANY STAIRS, but I did get an epic shot or two of the city.



By the time we got back to the hostel I had enough time to shower, pack, and hang out with the kittens before getting on the bus to Bagan.



The bus.

At first, it wasn’t full at all….

Then the locals got on, and it was PACKED. Packed to the point that some people didn’t have seats and they chose to stand or sit in the aisle.



After a mediocre dinner, and a long bus ride, I safely arrived at my hotel in Bagan.



What adventures will Bagan hold?




Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette





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Secret Falls: My day in Mandalay, Myanmar
My day traveling around Mandalay, Myanmar.

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