Street Art, São Paulo

During my week in São Paulo I spent A LOT of time in the car.

It seems everywhere we wanted to go was on the other side of the city, and São Paulo is huge, so when something is on the other side of the city, it takes anywhere from 30 mins to an hour to get there. No doubt, being in the car is normally monotonous and dull, especially when you are sitting in traffic (there is no shortage of traffic in São Paulo), but being a car passenger in São Paulo is like driving through a modern art museum. The walls, the buildings, essentially anything with a solid surface, is covered in graffiti. Not just tagging (initials and what not) but bona fide art pieces, well at least I think so.

As you can potentially see, one of the many things I have definitely NOT mastered is taking photos out of a moving car. I am only posting 13 of the least blurry photos, the others found their way to my trash bin 🙂

Looking for something to do in São Paulo? Just get in a car and drive around 🙂 I found this article from Time Out São Paulo describing a walking tour and the specific artists you could see. Just make sure to bring a friend and your wits!


Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette

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