Temples vs Food: My day exploring Bagan, Myanmar

Monday, June 22, 2015


It was a repeat of yesterday…

4:00 am


but this time…

I slept right through my alarm.


Around 9 am, I realized I had completely missed the sunrise, so instead of getting up and seizing the day, I lounged in my chilly air-conditioned room watchingย Frozenย ๐Ÿ™‚ By the time Anna saved her sister Elsa, my stomach was growling, and I was ready to get going.

Where did I go?

Weather Spoon’s ๐Ÿ™‚

At this point I had tried almost all of their Burmese salads, there was only one left,ย green mango salad.ย Along with the new selection, I ordered the delicious vermicelli salad, and some spring rolls. I was hungry!



With my belly full, it was time to continue my Temple Trek. I was still slightly jaded from my experiences the day before, but I headed out with an optimistic mindset.

The first temple wasย Sulamani. Like i’ve said before, signs in Bagan are not frequent and often not very helpful. Therefore, it took me about 30 minutes, and many turns down sandy roads, before I found myself in front ofย Sulamani.



Walking around Sulamani, I started to think about ALL THE TEMPLES I HAD BEEN TOO, and how this was just one more temple….

I wasn’t unimpressed, that isn’t the right word,ย but perhaps…


You can have too much of a good thing


Essentially, I was templed out.ย For some reason I pictured the scene from Matilda where Bruce is forced to eat the cake…

The cake was the beautiful temples of Bagan, and the Headmistress (Trunchbull) was the side of me screaming, “You are in Bagan, you have to see ALL THE TEMPLES!”



Bruce is a better man, for he demolished that cake, but I could not fathom seeing one more temple.



Feeling like a terrible adventurer, I decided I should at least visit one more temple,ย Dahmmayan Gyi Phaya, the largest of all the temples in Bagan.



It was definitely big. It also definitely smelled liked pigeon poo, which is not surprising as it housed quite a number of the avian rodents.ย After about 15 minutes I hopped right back on my bike and headed back to my hotel. I was done.


Still thinking about Bruce and his chocolate cake, I was craving something sweet. In my research I had found a restaurant,ย Bamboo,ย that is known for its homemade ice cream, ย so that is where I headed.

I had officially given up on Weather Spoon’s coffee but I was willing to give Bamboo a try, so I ordered an iced coffee and vanilla ice cream.


Bagan, Myanmar


The coffee was better than Weather Spoon’s but still wasn’t that great. The ice cream however, was superb, and just what I needed to lift my spirits.


Kitties ๐Ÿ™‚


Bagan, Myanmar


Even though I was “templed out” I still wanted to see another sunset, but….

The “sunset” made my first sunset seem beautiful (remember, the first sunset was a cloudy mess). There was no sun to be seen. Therefore, I left the temple without a single picture and headed to dinner.

Along with Weather Spoon’s, The Moon, and Bamboo, I had read EXCELLENT reviews about this restaurant called Bibo, so off to Bibo I went.


Bagan, Myanmar



Best. Decision. Ever.

You can not go to Bagan and not eat at Bibo!! Seriously! It would be a crime!

Per usual my meal started with local peanuts.


Bagan, Myanmar


I conveniently arrived during happy hour (BOGO all drinks) so I started with my favorite,ย Tom Collins.


Bagan, Myanmar


Not really sure what made me order theย Potato Soup,ย but I AM GLAD I DID. I always find it hard to say “best I ever had”, but this soup isย EASILY in the top three.



The simplicity was overwhelming, just broth and potatoes, but the FLAVOR was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I wish I had gone and talked to the chef and asked exactly what was in the soup, but I am thinking it was a mixture of turmeric, pepper, and salt components. I would do anything (within reason) to have a bowl in front of me right now.

All gone.


Bagan, Myanmar


After borderline licking my bowl (there were other people in the restaurant or I totally would have), my Bibo Pork Curry arrived with tomato salad. If I had not known it was a “curry”, and I had just tasted it, I would not have been quick to call it a curry. It tasted more like a sweet pork stew. Whatever its name or classification, it was divine. The pork had clearly been slow cooked with tender-loving-care because it fell apart the minute my fork touched it, and then melted like butter in my mouth.



Bagan, Myanmar


My second drink was what the waiter said was their “speciality”,ย The Mojito. He wasn’t kidding. It was an excellent, and strong, mojito.


Bagan, Myanmar


I left Bibo in food heaven. If only Bibo had wifi I would have lived there. Seriously. I would go back to Bagan just to eat at Bibo.





Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette

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Temples vs Food: My day exploring Bagan, Myanmar
My day exploring Bagan, while eating some excellent food!

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