That Monkey Stole My Mango: Afternoon visit to Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sunday, June 7, 2015 to Monday, June 8, 2015


The goal on Sunday was to get from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. I left Phnom Penh around 8 am and arrived in Siem Reap around 1:30 pm, almost an hour earlier than I expected. I had arranged with my hostel for them to pick me up at 2:40 pm, but since I was early I got my own tuk tuk to the hostel.

The hostel was great, well minus the extremely slow internet 😉

Exhausted from traveling and the stress of the previous couple days, I hit the sack, with all intentions of taking the next day slow.


Waking up on Monday I knew I needed to find better internet. I also wanted to rent myself a bike! A motorbike would have been ideal, but there is actually a law where foreigners can not rent motorbikes, not sure the exact reasoning. I knew I was not fit enough to pedal to and from the temples, so I found the perfect solution, an electric bike! I only found one company, Green E-bike, but no worries, it was an excellent find!

I stopped at the rental shop before heading to the coffee shop, and spent about 15-20 minutes signing the paperwork and learning about the bike. With the keys in my hand, the first stop with my new ride was Common Grounds, a coffee shop that gives locals a chance to work and create income, helps sustain the Children’s Home in Siem Reap, and serves as a vocational training center. When traveling always think about ways you can support the community!

After a morning of coffee and blogging, I chowed down on a BLT, and headed to Angkor on my fancy bike. Before entering the park I needed to get my park pass, I bought the 3-day pass for $40. Woof, so much money 🙁

I didn’t want to spend all afternoon in the park, I just wanted to check out a couple of temples, and scope out Angkor Wat so I was prepared for my sunrise trip (post coming soon!).

Driving towards temple #1…



Stop 1: Bayon


My cute bike (the one in the back) waiting for me 🙂










Stop 2: Angkor Wat




Lets talk about monkeys…

I do not like monkeys. I would even say I am slightly afraid of monkeys.

There are monkeys everywhere in Angkor. If they were behind bars I would be fine. If they were scared of me I would be fine. BUT NO. PEOPLE FEED THEM. STUPID PEOPLE FEED THEM.

This is what happened…

Oh, hey monkey (thank god for zoom lens!)


Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat


Mr. Monkey is straight chillin.

Near Mr. Monkey is Tourist Lady with a clear grocery bag filled with fresh mangos.

Mr. Monkey see’s Tourist Lady’s bag of mangos.

Mr. Monkey wants Tourist Lady’s bag of mangos.

Mr. Monkey JOGS up to Tourist Lady and SNATCHES the clear grocery bag.

Tourist Lady is not willing to give up her mangos.


Angkor Wat


Mr. Monkey HITS Tourist Lady.


Angkor Wat


Mr. Monkey WINS.



And people wonder why I am afraid of monkeys…

I so wish I had taken a video!


The day was a perfect mix of resting/relaxation and sight seeing 🙂 Tomorrow I have a tour of the temples outside the city, to get away from the crowds 🙂



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette






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