The only breakfast I truly love, Misto Quente e Café com Leite

I am not a breakfast person.

Sure I enjoy omelets, waffles, sticky buns, etc., but I never really get excited about breakfast. However, there is one exception to this overall indifference, and it is the misto quente.

1 part bread, 1 part ham, 1 part cheese, about 3 parts butter = awesomeness.

Americans might be quick to call this a grilled cheese, but DON’T YOU DARE. This is so much more than a grilled cheese.

The bread is toasted so that it is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The ham is grilled to have a caramelized exterior, and the cheese is cooked to gooey perfection. While eating multiple napkins are most definitely required as the butter will most likely drip down your fingers and hands 🙂

Nothing extravagant, just something that is simple and profoundly yummy.

You can find them at most Padarias (bakeries), which are found on almost every street. Pull up to the counter, plop your bum on the stool, and simply order a “Misto quente e café com leite”. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette


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