The Ring Road Road Trip: Iceland Part II


Since I wanted to maximize my time in Iceland, I had set my alarm to 6 am (If I remember correctly).

When my alarm went off, I remember thinking, “Do I really need to get up?” With my action packed day, from the day before, and all the traveling I had been doing, my body was exhausted. But, I had about 12 hours left in Iceland, so I forced myself out of bed.

It had been raining pretty hard the night before so my goal for the morning was to explore Vík and get some of those iconic shots 😉






Then I drove down to the black sand beach to get some more photos…



Then it was time to get back on the road towards my next planned stop, Skógafoss. But obviously I stopped along the way to a photo pit stop.



The thing about the Skógafoss waterfall is that I saw it on my way towards Glacier Lagoon, YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE ROAD. But since it was part of my plan for “Day 2” I forced myself to keep driving towards glacier lagoon (I’m not the best at being flexible 😉 ). Anyway, it was officially “Day 2” and it was time for me to enjoy Skógafoss waterfall 😉





I was here!




At this point I’M HUNGRY and WAY AHEAD of schedule (I really should have explored Skógafoss more). Driving towards Seljalandsfoss waterfall I kept looking for food, but I arrived at with no sign of food. I was disappointed and so was my stomach, but Seljalandsfoss soon made me forget my growling stomach.





Getting pictures was an interesting feat. There was mist EVERYWHERE, and I was getting considerably wet. I wish I would have spent more time really trying to get that “perfect picture” but I was honestly concerned with how wet my camera was getting.



By the time I was done exploring Seljalandsfoss a food truck/stand had opened and I was able to get coffee and a muffin!

At this point, I am done everything I wanted to accomplish on “Day 2” so I head to Reykjavik to 1.) Eat and 2.) Maybe see Linda again.

I found a coffee shop with Wifi to message Linda, and she quickly messaged back saying she had some time during lunch to show me around Reykjavik. The city was a bit gloomy when I first arrived, but the weather had changed for the better and I really got to see how charming and beautiful Reykjavik is.  We ended our tour with some coffee at Kaffitár.




Two days was ABSOLUTELY not enough time to explore this AMAZING country! But, I was really happy with everything I was able to see in such a short period of time 🙂




Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette





Article Name
The Ring Road Road Trip: Iceland Part II
Day two of my road trip around the South of Iceland. I explored Vík, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Reykjavik.

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