Umbrellas ATTACK: My day sightseeing in Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I always knew I was traveling in “rainy” season, but up to this point I had only see the occasional storm, and none that had ever interfered with my plans.

Well,Β hello rain.

Not wanting to stay in my hostel I decided to take a chance that the rain would eventually stop, and I AM SO GLAD I took that chance! Check out my epic day in Bangkok πŸ™‚

My first priority was FOOD. I bought some pork buns, buttttt I really didn’t like my first bite at allΒ (the pork seemed slightly undercooked), so into the trash the bun went.



As I walked towards the flower market, I kept my eyes open for something delicious to quite my grumbling stomach. Only a block away from the market and I finally hit the jackpot! Grilled chicken πŸ™‚ Perhaps not the most conventional breakfast but it was delicious and that is all that matters πŸ™‚



As I licked my fingers, I approached the flower marketΒ Pak-Klong Talad. I LOVE flowers, so this was my “kid in a candy store” moment. The selection was wide, but the focus was on flowers to be used in offerings, such as the marigold.


Pak-Klong Talad, Bangkok, Thailand



I did eventually tire of the countless rows of marigolds and orchids, so I continued down Chakphet Road towards The Grand Palace.


Bangkok, Thailand


Oh, giant pile of Rambutan how I will miss you πŸ™


Bangkok, Thailand


Even though I had just had an Iced Thai Tea, I was once again thirsty, but I was also seeking refuge from the rain and heat. So I found a quaint little coffee shop overlooking the Chao Phraya, where of course I ordered another Iced Thai Tea πŸ™‚


Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand


Downside, no internet πŸ™ But, even without internet I spent a good hour or two in the coffee shop cooling down and letting the rain dissipate.

And man, did the rain go away! Hello blue skies and fluffy clouds!



Off to The Grand Palace! I had originally planned on visiting the palace when I first arrived in Bangkok, but the palace had been closed for a Royal Ceremony. Luckily, I knew I was coming back to Bangkok so I wouldn’t miss the iconic site.

The Grand Palace was absolutely beautiful!


The Grand Palace was absolutely PACKED.



I have dealt with crowds before, but HOLY SMOKES, this was insane! Also, everyone and their mother, had an umbrella. You are probably thinking, “Who cares?”. Well, when the average umbrella owner is about a foot shorter than you, and when the average umbrella owner could CARE LESS about how their umbrella may be affecting those around them…


The amount of times I got hit in the face with an umbrella.

Not. Ok.

Thank goodness, The Grand Palace was incredible or I would have been very upset that I spent almost $17 USD to get attacked by the crowds and their stupid, pointy, umbrellas.



The details were INSANE! Check out this one building…


The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand


and then this is me zooming in on the top…


The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand


Not the best quality picture (ummm since I zoomed in x100) but I think it helps to show the intricacy of the detail work. Obsessed.

Smiles, all day, every day πŸ™‚





Leaving The Grand Palace, I was starving. So far I had had, a couple bites of a pork bun, grilled chicken, and two iced Thai Teas. Yeah…I needed food. Good thing I was heading to Khao San Road, because that meant I could have THE EPIC PAD THAI I had when I first arrived in Bangkok.



Exactly as I remembered. So good.

After a little shopping I headed back to my hostel. I originally was going to get a cab/tuk tuk, but I was being cheap πŸ˜‰ The walk was wonderful, but exhausting!


I took a much needed rest and then headed out for dinner in Chinatown’s Night Market.



I avoided the “Shark Fin” stands like the plague, and tried to find a stand where I could somewhat know what I was eating. I eventually found a stand selling Thai food with a picture menu. Score! I ordered Pad See Ew, and watched her make my order.



I tried some fresh pomegranate juice…




and had to end my Thai experience with mango and sticky rice πŸ™‚


Chinatown Bangkok, Thailand



I can’t believe this was my last day and meal in Thailand, where has the time gone??

Tomorrow I am off to Myanmar! Stay posted!



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette







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Umbrellas ATTACK: My day sightseeing in Bangkok, Thailand
My day in Bangkok visiting the flower market, the Grand Palace, Khao San Road, and Chinatown Night Market.

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