What is a Pipette?

Simply put, a pipette is a laboratory tool used to transfer a measured volume of liquid.

But to anyone who works in a lab, the pipette becomes so much more. For example, my college roommate got me this shirt for Christmas one year…

Shirt from Cafe Press

For another example, just google “Pipette Memes” and you will see the cult-like following of the pipette…

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Essentially the pipette to laboratory scientist is like…

  • a glove to a baseball player
  • that perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet to a cook
  • that one special pen to a writer
  • a camera to a photographer
  • etc.


I titled my blog “Wandering Pipette” because I see the pipette as the icon of my scientific career. Like the shirt says, “I was born to pipette” 🙂 I included “Wandering” in the title because even though my career in is science, I have so many more passions, like cooking, baking, and traveling, that allow me to wander both physically and creatively.



Love always, Arianna the Wandering Pipette


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